Steps to Take Before Remodeling a Bathroom or Kitchen

Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom not only adds value to a home, but also provide it with beauty, character and a luxurious feel. Before remodeling these essential rooms in a home, certain steps need to occur in order to ensure the remodel flows with ease and financial burdens do not come about.

After all, you want these projects to happen properly and as quickly as possible so you can have function in these areas of your home again making your life easier and happier. For more advanced/expert tips on home remodeling check out Signature Kitchen and Bath.


Creating a Budget

Before remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, it is important to plan a budget that also includes emergency costs. You never know when you might run into issues during a remodel such as water damage from poor plumping or a burst pipe, electrical issues that need fixing to prevent future fires, or running into other home hazards such as asbestos that needs proper removal by professionals to prevent health issues from occurring. Other things you will need to factor into your budget are supplies and material cost, labor services from contractors, decorating essentials and fixtures, appliances if new ones are going into the home and tools necessary to complete the remodeling. Once your budget is ready, it is important you stick to it and do not go over.

Decide the Design

But where do you even begin? You first need to think about your layout. Do you like the current layout of your kitchen? Does it function for you and your family? If the answer is no you may want to consider hiring a kitchen designer to help re-plan your layout. Often times kitchen designers will help you with the whole remodeling project, from design all the way to completion. Think about the space in your kitchen, if it is not large enough you may have to consider taking out some walls and having an open concept main floor, this will give the illusion of more space in the kitchen and in the dining room.

Next, it is on to choosing a design you desire your bathroom or kitchen to have to create the perfect atmosphere and feel. Do you want a rustic appearance and feel? Do you want a modern look? Do you desire a retro upbeat room? Do you desire a country or cottage feeling kitchen or bathroom? Figure out what flows with your home and pleases you. Then, figure out the colors you desire to paint the walls, the types of floors you wish to have and all the other essentials for decorating your kitchen or bathroom the way you wish. Consider getting some of your home décor pieces from a discount or resale store or reusing materials if possible to keep budget cost down.

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Hire Experienced Contractors

Once you know your budget and have a design plan in mind it is important to interview potential contractors you desire to remodel your kitchen or bathroom to your liking. Make sure the contractors you hire such as carpenters, electricians, designers and plumbers all have portfolios, excellent ratings, updated licenses and references before hiring them. Make sure each contractor fits your design and remodeling budget. To cut cost down, consider doing some of the remodeling work yourself if you have a background in doing home remodels.

Even gutting out the rooms yourself that you are having redone can save time and cut cost. However, if you are not a handy man and have no experience with house remodeling of any kind it is best to leave the work to the professionals. After all, trying to do a remodel or gut out of a room without experience can raise costs or cause you a potential injury that could potentially create unnecessary hospital bills.

Things Homeowners Should Look at if They’re Interested in Remodeling

If you have had a house that has been in your family for years, you may not want to sell it but renovate it so that it looks even better than it does now. However, you are unsure of how to go about this process and would like some tips and tricks on how to make these ideas into a reality.

First off, you may want to consult with an interior designer if you plan on redecorating multiple areas of your home. This will help to take a lot of the burden off of you and place it on someone else while still enabling you to incorporate your ideas into the process and supervise the remodeling as it goes along. However, hiring an interior designer is most always going to be more expensive than you being more hands on in the remodel and deciding to take on most of the remodel projects on your own.

You may want to sit down with your family and start making a budget and list of things that you wish to accomplish and then start assigning prices to the materials and other supplies that are necessary to make these projects come to life. Consider then going to your favorite home improvement store and getting expert advice from workers there or even taking workshops on how to do various remodels on your own. You can make your dreams of renovating your home a reality you just have to make a plan to get things started.